Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stuck in Portland

I am still stuck in Portland. Too depressed to write anything. My tax man had a minor operation. He called and said he can't do my taxes until next week. I am trying to see the best in this situation but it is hard. I want to go home. I am walking everyday but it is more like a chore than a pleasure. In Mexico, when I walk I meet lots of friends and we talk. People smile at me. The scenery is beautiful.

I am walking along a busy street here. It stinks like car exhaust. No one smiles. So I have been terribly depressed. I hope the tax man calls me by the beginning of the week. My life is stalled at the moment. I keep telling myself to take my camera on my walks but the only things I find of any interest to photograph are wild flowers along the road. Not very interesting. I guess I am too far into my depression at the moment to take photos.

I am just checking in here to let you know that I am still alive. Hopefully, I will make it back to Ajijic within the next ten days or so.  Funny, as soon as I put publish on this post lots of ads came up for depression, signs and symptoms.... Yes, take drugs! That is America's answer to depression. I see depression as a symptom that something isn't right and there needs to be a change. It is a call from One's soul to do something different. Taking drugs only numbs out that very important call. It is vital to listen to our inner selves and to follow our own guides, not depend on little pills to keep us stuck in unhappy situations. Taking charge of One's life takes courage. Why live if it has to be in a drugged state? For me, I know it will be just a few more days here. It sure drives home to me that I don't want to live in the States again. I am very happy in Mexico and I miss my life there.


  1. My goodness, how complicated can your taxes be? It seems like you've been waiting forever, surgery or not. There may be light at the end of the tunnel, but you really need to go home. Hang in there, but keep on him. It's time!

  2. Hi Kim, You are right. I am so tired of waiting around. patricia

  3. Yes but you've got LOTS of options of 1)places to stay in Portland 2)fun people to stay with in Portland and 3)great places to see/photograph while in Portland.

    Take charge of your life, gf....

    I care about you.

  4. Hi Pat, I have to agree with you regarding the drugs in the states, they always want people on meds. They have a pill for everything, like you said it doesn't cure it, just masks the cause. You will be home here before you know it, I spent sometime today at the pool in our new place and thought of you, I said Pat will love coming over to use the pool, it is big! See you soon. Cheryl

  5. HI Gayle and Cheryl. Thank you both for writing to me and giving me encouragement. I appreciate you both. Gayle, my Portland friend. Hopefully soon to be an Ajijic friend and Cheryl, my Ajijic friend. I am very lucky. Patricia