Sunday, August 1, 2010

Suzanne is Looking for a House Mate

The three above photos are the room that is available and the bathroom.

The grounds here are beautiful. Suzanne's description of what is in the place: Extra large bedroom with private bath. Huge closet. Gated parking, lakefront property, 24 hour security, small dog allowed. laundry facility, utilities included, DSL access, phone, very quiet, village location, five minute walk to the plaza, three minute walk to the Bus, maid service. Contact Suzanne at


  1. Is Suzanne looking for a male or female roomie? How much is she charging for the room?

  2. Hi Bob, I am pretty sure she only wants to have a woman as a housemate. I have her e mail address in that post. E mail her and ask her those questions. I don't have the answers. Thanks, patricia

  3. Is Suzanne still looking for a room mate? this is an older post but I would be interested.

  4. Suzanne no longer lives there. I haven't seen her for several months. Sorry. Patricia