Friday, July 30, 2010

The Goodwill Bins Again

I went to the bins again with my friend Marie. This is my haul: one black leather jacket, 2 long sleeved black t-shirts, one long sleeved green silk/cotton t-shirt, one short sleeved blue t-shirt, three stretchy blouses, 2 Gore-Tex jackets (I will need them for my trip to Guatemala this winter) one short sleeved Hollister t-shirt, One pink tank top t-shirt.

I was standing next to a woman, waiting for a huge table to be rolled out and I said to her, This is fun. She said, No. I come here everyday. It has become an addiction for me.

I have been there three times now. Hope that doesn't happen to me. The atmosphere inside the warehouse isn't very pleasant. I feel sorry for the children. While their parents rummage around through all the old clothes and junk, they stand there at eye level to the tables and stare. I wouldn't think it was very good for their self esteem.

I don't feel so great myself by the time I leave there and I am an adult. I even feel a little embarrassed, writing about it. But I can't resist a bargain. All those clothes cost me seven dollars.... That is the total cost. Seven dollars....and the clothes are all in good shape. I think that rummaging around there reminds me of when I went to the dump with my father and had so much fun.

Maybe those dazed looking children will have fond memories of their time spent at the bins with their parents after they grow up. Quality time. That's what it was for me with my dad at the dump.  (I took these photos in my son's house.)


  1. Those are in great shape! I think you should be proud of your bargain shopping talents.

  2. Hi Sarah, Thank you and thank you for writing. Always fun to hear from you. Patricia