Saturday, July 3, 2010

Morning Walk and Sale at the Lake Chapala Society

The LCS sale was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it got rained out at noon. They are having it again today but I haven't checked the weather report. It may be another bad day for them. It was a lot of fun while it lasted. The men in the above photos were selling, or trying to sell, very spicy popcorn. They also had homemade ice cream. It wasn't an ice cream kind of day. A lot of people showed up. That beautiful woman with the dog in her lap is my friend Linda and her dog's name is Jelly Bean. They are just visiting for a few months. Looks like they are having fun here. The cat on the table is a stray. She has decided that LCS is her home now. She hangs around there most of the day. The women who sell tickets for the Red Cross had a bake sale. Delicious stuff. I ate too much of it.  Ruined my dieting for the day... Oh well, another day, another temptation......


  1. Jelly Bean? I didb't have this name in my lists, I will add it now:
    Dog names lists

  2. Hi, Yes, that list must be pretty long by now. I have heard dogs being named just about anything. My friend Suzanne named her dog Leonard Cohen because she likes his songs so much. Believe me, that dog looks nothing like Leonard Cohen. Thanks for writing. Patricia