Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Tragedy

Yesterday I saw online a brief article about something that happened in New Jersey. I tried to find it again today under yesterday's news online. But all I could find were photos of rich, famous people going about their daily business. So I can just give you a brief sketch of what I read yesterday.

A forty five year old Mexican man was resting in the park across the street after work from the restaurant where he had been the cook for five years. Minding his own business. Three teenage boys beat him up. One of them videotaped it on his cell phone and later sent it around to his friends. Bragging about it. The man was taken to the local hospital. He died in a few days. He was the soul support of his family. Another shocking part of this tragic story is that when he was in the hospital the nurse attending to him took his wallet and stole his wages, over six hundred dollars......

I don't like to be negative in my blog but this story really hit me hard. There was a photo of the man online. He looked like many of my friends in Mexico. People are always warning me about how dangerous it is to live in Mexico.....

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