Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Hardware Store in Chapala

I have been running all over the place these past few days, errands before leaving. I always get anxious before I travel. I have had enough bad travel experiences to feel justified in my anxieties. I went to the hardware store to buy rat poison to put in my house. I have a fireplace and last winter a rat came down it and I had a very hard time finding it. I was blaming Chico for my frayed things.

The little dog in the above photo kept jumping up to see us. His head would pop up from behind the counter. I tried several times to get a photo of that but my camera just wasn't fast enough. The dog owner, the woman behind the counter, is very nice. She speaks English which really helps. This hardware store is in Chapala just a block behind the plaza and to the right side of it. Across the street is my favorite pharmacy.   It is the least expensive pharmacy in this area and the people working there are friendly. They have a lot of generic brands. Since these are both small, locally owned stores it is fast service. I like to buy things from the locals anyway. I hate to shop in the huge chain stores.

Dale was with me when I took this little shopping trip. He bought an eye drop medication that he had a prescription for in the States. He said it cost him $39.00 in the States, $8.50 in Tijuana and $4.50 in Chapala.

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