Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dancing at Sunset at Las Caballerizas Cozala Restaurant

The end of a very special day for me. The dancing couple are Cassie Valenti and Christian Militello. Cassie makes videos for people. She can be reached at (045) 331 038 4129. One of her videos was played during the evening. It was great. Christian Militello is a waiter. My friend Stacey says he is excellent. He works at the Chili Bang Bar but it is closing down for awhile. He is looking for another job. He can be reached at or 331 434 9594. They are engaged to be married. What a beautiful couple. 

There was another couple dancing. I didn't get their photos. I was sitting there watching them dance and feeling envious that the two women had dance partners. It dawned on me that I didn't want to have the dance partners. I just wanted to dance. So I plucked up my courage and got onto the dance floor. Stacey went out too. She is a great one for dancing alone. She has no fear. I love it. As soon as we got onto the floor to dance, five more single women joined us. I hadn't been out dancing much lately and I had forgotten how things are here. Many single women. We all had a great time.


  1. Hi Pat,
    Really great pictures at the raquet club very pretty place.Billy and I feel famous too!

  2. Hi Cheryl, Thanks for writing. You will be making people famous with your own blog..... Happy Fourth of July. Patricia