Thursday, July 1, 2010


There is nothing like being at home again. Chico is also happy. You can see by this photo that he has once again made my little casita his home. I have been house sitting for three months. That is a long time. I am glad dogs don't hold grudges. He just wagged his tail and jumped on my lap. It was as if I had never left.

My little place is musty because there isn't enough ventilation. It is cold, even in the summer. It doesn't have a kitchen.  I rarely have hot water and when I do, it doesn't last long. I take quick showers.  The electricity goes out often and then the water disappears. I hate to admit this but almost everyday I find dead cockroaches on my floor. Twice I found scorpions. (At least they were dead!) But it is the place I call home now, mostly because of Chico. Nothing like the love of a dog to make a place comfortable. I wrote in a previous blog about lacking a sense of purpose. I sure have it now. It takes a great deal of effort to live here. When I am here I am not so insulated from the outside world. Most of the time I have my door open. That uncomfortable edge keeps me on my toes and feeling more creative. Another good thing, I never worry about break ins.

I am very lucky. Chico belongs to my landlord so he has all the responsibility and I have all the fun. I like that system. A borrowed dog. Kind of like house sitting. I go in and borrow beautiful homes. They don't belong to me. I just enjoy them. I pay none of the bills. 

I am going to the States next week but I may be back here soon. I am missing it already and I haven't even left.  I feel badly about leaving Chico again, just when he is getting used to having me back. But I have to take care of some business up there. I am glad that dogs are so forgiving. I have been told that they have no sense of time. Wish I could be like that; always living in the moment. It is a good goal for me. There I go again, living in the future with goals.......

Post script: I just watched an amazing DVD: Ambition to Meaning, Finding Your Life's Purpose Starring Dr. Wayne W. Dyer   Directed by Michael Goorjjian.   Very inspiring!


  1. Patricia,
    I just dropped in to wish you a safe, successful, and fun trip to the States!


  2. Hi Karen, Thank you so much. I will keep writing on the blog. Patricia