Saturday, September 1, 2012

Up Coming Holiday, 16th of Sept.

As I was walking home along the Carretera I saw the flag man. There will be many of them out on the streets before long. One of Mexico's biggest holidays, Mexican Independence Day is on 16th of Sept. There will be a parade, which is always fun. Watch out for the flour. Sometimes the children get carried away, throwing it on everyone in the street.

The Globos event is this coming Saturday, Sept. 8th. It starts in the late afternoon at the soccer field on Revolucion street. People make balloons out of paper mache and send them off to the skies to burn up.

There is also the Rebozo parade and celebration in the Ajijic Plaza. I don't know yet what day that will be held. All in all, this is an exciting time to be here.  Fortunately, my next house sit doesn't start until the eighteenth and I will be in town to to be part of everything.

 Also, the International Mariachi festival is going on now in Guadalajara. Huge parade. And this evening I am going to an event in West Ajijic. Hopefully I can get some photos before it is too dark.

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