Friday, September 7, 2012

Changing my Diet

I am in the process of converting my diet into a healthier one. I gave up coffee a few days ago and that was a difficult decision. I have been addicted to coffee all of my adult life. But I started drinking green tea in the mornings and that has taken away my coffee addiction. I also put Moringa Powder in the tea.. It is made from the leaves of the Moringa tree, which grows here. If you are interested in the health benefits of that tree, check it out online. They call it the Miracle Tree because of all the good things in it. It is a little bitter but when mixed with green tea, it is okay. I am actually beginning to like the bitter flavor.

I have given up red meat. Also all dairy products. I thought giving up dairy would be hard because I love milk and cheese. I don't miss it at all. I gave up Sugar, except honey, and no artificial sugars. I gave up gluten. Okay, I have been cheating a little on the gluten, having toasted tuna sandwiches in the afternoons. But that is next on the giving up list.

I am studying cook books and online recipes so I can have interesting dishes to eat. I am eating fish almost everyday. I thought I would never learn to like fish but now I love it. I can get fresh Salmon and Mahi Mahi at the Wednesday market. There are many other different kinds of fish there but right now I am stuck on those two. I eat in cycles. If I find something I like, I will eat it until I can't stand the sight of it. Not a good system, but that is how I am.

I am trying out the local fruits and vegetables that don't grow in the States. Some of them I like. Others, I don't. There are so many great, fresh things to eat here. I am lucky to be living in an area where fresh fruits, vegetables and fish are abundant and inexpensive. I could never afford a diet like this in the States. Just another benefit of living in Mexico.

I haven't given up chicken yet. I always loved chicken giblets when I was growing up. I also liked the fried feet. Ugh. Can't even think of eating the feet now. But I was told not to eat the liver because of poisons gathering up in them. Yesterday I saw on Dr. Oz. (I have a television here) that chicken giblets are very good for the health. I have forgotten exactly what part of the body they are good for but I am glad to put fried chicken giblets back into my diet after thirty years on not eating them.

Okay, the big questions are: Am I losing weight? NO..... Am I feeling healthier? Some, but still having physical problems. I am hoping that I will be feeling better in a few more weeks of this diet. It is something to keep me busy. It takes a lot longer to prepare these kinds of meals than just throwing a steak onto the grill.  I love eating this way but I am not eating out in restaurants much. I have so many food restrictions that is isn't worthwhile for me to go out to eat anymore. And frankly, restaurant food doesn't look that good to me now. I just want my own diet.


  1. Hi Pat,

    Hope , You feel better soon!!!

    Take great care of your self.


  2. Hi Min, Thank you for the good wishes. You take care of yourself too. P