Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mariachi Performance last nght

My friend Stacey, showing me her Bebozo
The Sound man
Dancers dressed like elderly people
Dancer looking onstage
This group is from Columbia

This is the week of the international Mariachi festival in Guadalajara. There was a huge parade over the week end. Groups will be playing all over town. We are lucky that a few of them came up here for an evening. I really enjoyed it. I didn't get many photos of the mariachis because by the time they got on the stage it was too dark for my camera. But I saw the dancers. They are always fun.


  1. Oh Pat, I'm so glad you got to see the Mariachis, even if not the festival in GDL. Sept. sounds like a fun month in Ajijic. I can't wait to get back!!

  2. Hi Pat,

    Thanks for nice pictures of Mariachis.
    So many great memory of Mexico betwin My Husband and I, Mexico will be always so close in my heart.

    Even the our" one and only Son" feels the same way.
    We took him along many places in Mexico.
    Some times with Cheap, Some times with affluence.
    But in his memory all of it was great!

    Have A lot of fun, no matter what you do.
    We only have today, future is unknown to many of us.


  3. Hi Min, Thank you for continuing to keep in touch with me through the blog. Maybe one day we will meet in person. That would be nice. You seem like a very gentle soul and I always appreciate your loving comments. P

  4. Hi Pat,

    I would love to meet you too!

    Thanks for saying kind words to me as well.


  5. Hi Min, Well your comments are always valued by me.... P

  6. Hi Pat

    Looks like so much fun....
    Where was it held ?

    Hope you are doing well


    1. HI Collette, Thanks for commenting. It was held at the event center out in West Ajijic. p