Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wednesday Market Before Christmas

He is selling bags for the spay and neuter clinic, 50 pesos
He is selling giant sparklers
Dolls for sale everywhere
Puppies for sale
The market was extremely crowded and dangerous for walking. It is hard to avoid the people and also keep an eye on the cobblestones. There are holes everywhere and it is easy to fall and break something. These are the busiest market days of the year. The children don't get Christmas presents until Jan. 6th.


  1. Hi Patricia

    Ahhhhhhhh I want one of the tri colored puppies.....already have two BIG ones tho :-)
    As always LOVE your photos

    I hope you have a Very Merry Xmas........

    See you in Feb


  2. Thank you C for the comment. I think those are going to be big dogs too. See you soon and Merry Christmas to you too. P