Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mrs. H's Class, Gifts to Me

Mrs. H teaches Spanish and she has been using the photos on my blog for awhile now to help her students learn about Mexico. They asked me to be their Mexico Connection and I agreed. I received a package of beautiful cards in the mail from them yesterday along with a little picture frame for Chico's picture and a 20 dollar gift certificate at Starbucks. I felt so blessed. What a wonderful Christmas gift. I loved seeing the cards and some of the children asked me questions about living in Mexico. I sent them e mails back with the answers. But some questions couldn't be answered in one e mail. Like, What is it like to live in Mexico?  WOW what a question.    I too have lots of questions at the moment about that it is like to be living in Mexico. I will be back on Monday. THANK YOU ALL IN MRS. H'S CLASS FOR THE WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS GIFTS.   


  1. what cute cards! love the pop-ups.

    have a safe trip home.

    teresa in nagoya.

    hope this makes it through as the last few i tried to send didn't.

  2. Hi Teresa, Yes it got through to me. Thank you for writing. Hope you are enjoying the holidays. Patricia

  3. Hi Patricia,
    Thank you for helping us connect with Mexico! And for all your wonderful pictures and thoughts about life there.
    Mrs. H.

  4. Hi Mrs. H and Students. Thank you for contacting me. Patricia

  5. Hi Patricia ~ Well, I'm sitting here on a chilly nite in Ajijic! What wonderful cards you got from the kids in Mrs. H's class! They're so creative. I noticed some drawing & other ideas that I sure wouldn't have thought of to put on a handmade card! Hope you have a safe & pleasant trip home. Looking forward to having you back in town. I'll have to tell you about my workshop w/Efren this past week! Glad you're having great times there with your family. Abrazos, Carolina

  6. Hi Carolina, Good to hear from you. I am looking forward to being back in warm Mexico. See you soon. Your friend, p