Friday, December 2, 2011

The Demostration and Returning Loved Ones

This post is about two subjects. First off, the demonstration in Chapala. I called my friend this morning and she said she went to it along with about a hundred and fifty other people. She said at the end of it, someone from the government came out on the steps and said that the mayor of Chapala wanted to set up a meeting about this recent violence and asked for five people from the demonstration to join in the talk. So what is the outcome? More talk..... We will see if anything changes there. If not, I may have to move on to a safer place.  But is there a safer place anywhere in the world? It also has to be a place that I can afford. And it has to have nice weather. That limits my choices a lot......

Second subject and one that is closer to my heart at the moment, my family arrives home from India at four this afternoon. They will have been on the plane for over 22 hours so I am sure they will be exhausted. I am so excited to think that they will be here in a few hours, safe and well. At least I hope they are both well. My son tried to call me last night while they had an eight hour layover in Seoul, Korea but we immediately got disconnected.... I will be going back to Ajijic on the 12th of Dec. I hope things have calmed down there by then. I am really looking forward to being back in warm weather. It is sunny here today but very cold. I am so spoiled....


  1. Isn't it illegal in Mexico for foreigners (especially Norte Americanos) to participate in demonstrations?

  2. Hi NWexican, Seems like I have heard something like that. But no one got arrested... P

  3. I hope you have a very nice time with your family, cherish times like these. I'm keeping an eye on what's going on at the lake. I just got my Passport in the mail today so now I'm needing to send away for my visa. Patricia, your correct there is no longer safe places to live. I'm in a very small town 45 minutes north of Portland and (Yelm) there is drug crimes and threats of violence up and down my street. Rick

  4. Hi Rick, Thank you for writing and for your good wishes. Sad to hear that your town is also unsafe. I hope if you come to my area that you will contact me. We can meet and I will show you around. P

  5. Patricia,

    I belong to another message board that is dedicated to Isla Mujeres, MX. Isla is a small island off the coast of Cancun. It is only 5 miles long by 1.5 miles wide. The population is like 12,500 total so it is really small. Now Isla really is a little slice of heaven on earth. It has the most beautiful beaches and water that I have ever seen in my life. The locals are extremely nice and warm and inviting. A lot of expats live there also - just like Ajijic. In many discussions on the board people describe Isla as paradise on earth and the perfect place to live - that is until someone gets murdered or robbed or accosted. Then everyone realizes paradise is really any place you make it on earth and even paradise has crime! The moral to the story (if there is one) is that no matter where you live or travel to or vacation there are always hazards around and one must take personal accountability to be as safe and careful as you can be. I know a lot of tourists on Isla leave money and cameras on the beach when they all get in the water and are surprised when they are stolen. Like I said even paradise has crime. With all of that said I do hope the recent murder and huge spike in reported crimes in Ajijic gets under control. While it is illegal in Mexico for non-residents to protest there I hope the mayor really is sincere about talking with everyone and then putting some action into place. I would think the local economy would collapse if suddenly every expat in Ajijic were to leave.

    John Brown
    Houston, Texas

  6. Hi John Brown, Thank you for your message. I have always been interested in that island. Good to hear about it. Maybe one day I will visit there. I just hope that things settle down in Ajijic soon and it will feel safe again to walk the streets. P