Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Tree and "Stuff"

I am starting to pack my suitcase. Again. I have packed and unpacked it several times in the past few weeks. I packed it to return from Portland. I unpacked it when I got home. I packed it once again to go to a house sitting job. I unpacked it a couple of days ago when I returned from that job. And I am packing it for my upcoming trip to San Blas with my friend Pat.

I decided to take my old camera to San Blas because of the sand and salt water at the beach. I found the camera and these photos were still on it from two years ago. I certainly wouldn't want to risk ruining my good camera.  It was one of the reasons for my broken ankle. In a split second I had a choice of putting my hand in the water that held the camera and breaking my fall or falling with the camera over my head. I made the WRONG choice. I saved my two hundred dollar camera and broke my ankle. Oh well, no reason to obsess over that split second bad decision. The past can't be changed. I have to live with it. 

Seems like all I have been doing lately is messing around with my suitcases. My STUFF. Makes me think of that George Carlin rift about our STUFF that someone sent me a few months ago, how we spend half our lives worrying about our things and carrying them around with us.

I just looked at it again and got another few laughs. He did it in 1986 at the Comic Relief. So far, 2,948,598 people have looked at this video. What a hoot. If you want to find it, look on You Tube, George Carlin talks about Stuff......   Now I can get back to packing my Stuff with a lighter heart.  It makes me realize that we are ALL nuts when it comes to our things.....


  1. Hi Patricia,
    Got back from Florida yesterday with all of my "stuff." It's really annoying dragging it through the airport!
    Wow, it was so warm the 70s and 80s. And some of the locals were saying it was "a little too cool!" (Just like you mentioned in a previous post.) Feliz Navidad!
    Karen in VA

  2. Hi Karen, Thanks for writing. Yes, I hate having to take all my suitcases filled with STUFF through the airport. It is almost discouraging enough for me not to even take the trip. Feliz Navidad to you too. Patricia