Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just Arrived in San Blas

No photos yet. It was a long ride here. Pat and I took the taxi from my casita to the long distance bus station in Guadalajara. I had lost my INAPAM card and they wouldn't accept the DIF card for the half price discount. It was very inexpensive, 200 pesos from Guadalajara to Tepic. It cost 450 pesos to take the taxi to the bus station. We got off the bus at Tepic and bought another inexpensive ticket. I think it was fifty pesos.  It was an hour and a half from Tepic to San Blas. It was around three and a half hours from Guadalajara to Tepic and forty minutes to the Guadalajara bus station from Ajijic. Let's just say, it took most of the day.  We left at nine twenty in the morning and arrived here at three in the afternoon.  

We arrived very tired. This evening we are resting and of course I am doing what I have been going for months now, unpacking my suitcase.   Getting tired of doing that. But I am happy to be here again. I haven't been here for over eight years. I brought down part of the suitcase filled things for my war on the Jejenes, lavender oil, bounce fabric softener, plug ins for mosquitoes, and a bag filled with bottles of DEET.   It is okay in the house this evening because the doors and windows are closed. I am going to get a good night's sleep tonight to prepare for the war tomorrow... If I lose, I won't stay here but a few days....


  1. I didn't know until now that lavender oil was a bug repellent. Thanks for the tip!

    Don Cuevas

  2. Hi Don, Well, it may not work...... P