Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Lakeside Safety Meeting

The safety meeting was held on Wednesday. I heard that approximately 2500 people attended, both Mexicans and Expats. Restaurant owners were there, the Chief of Police and the Mayor. Lots of things were talked about and if you want to read about it go to this site:   It appears that many of the crimes were done by the same two young Mexican men, including the murder. They had a sketch artist at the meeting and that was the belief.

I am now checking the Lakeside Crime Report site every few days to see what is going on down there. I have gotten a few e mails from people who have decided not to go to the Lakeside area because of the recent crimes. I hope I don't have to move away. I love my life there. I am hoping that things will change for the better soon. Ajijic is my home now. 


  1. Hi Patricia

    I so hope you are right ...we still plan to come in Feb for 10 days and hope to come back for a month in the fall
    Have a very safe trip HOME today

    Take Care.........C

  2. Thank you C for the good wishes and for writing. Please let me know when you are in the Lakeside area and maybe we can meet up. P

  3. Hopefully, things will settle down. I don't know where the people live who have decided not to visit Ajijic, but I live in Oakland, CA - plenty of random violence here. But the good of Ajijic outweighs the limited amount of bad.

  4. Hi Pat, I just got back here and it seems very quiet and safe. I hope so. Oakland is a dangerous place. It is far safer here. I agree. The good outweighs the bad. P