Sunday, December 18, 2011

Casamalcolm Bed and Breakfast

This is a lovely Bed and Breakfast place. It is just down the street from La Nueva Posada. Malcolm Delano, the owner is charming. The rates are very reasonable. The location is great. If you are interested please look at his site: or call him at 011-52-(376) 766 3570 or e mail him at    The address is: Donato Guerra #15 APDO #305, 45920 Ajijic, Jal. Mexico 


  1. Very beautiful place indeed
    Where does Malcom and Carol live now .
    I will be going to ajijic in february would like to see them thank=you keep up the good work

  2. I met Malcolm at the bed and breakfast. I think he lives there. I don't know where Carol lives now. I didn't see her when I was there. It is right on the corner of 16th of Sept. one block up from La Nueva Posada. Thanks for writing. Patricia