Saturday, January 1, 2011

Walmart January first 2011 in the Lake Chapala Area

My friend Carol took me grocery shopping at Walmart today. I had never seen it so crowded. But people all seemed to be happy to be out and about. There wasn't much else to do in town. Many of the stores were closed today. I was glad to get more food into my casita. I also enjoyed being around people as I spend a lot of time alone in my yard.  A friend today told me she had the same kind of break on her ankle and it took an entire year before she could walk without pain. That wasn't good news but she said I was right on schedule with the amount of swelling and pain I have now. It is now almost three months since the accident.....


  1. From Liz T. Canadian Tourist
    Wal-Mart! What a terrible store!
    -The music and speakers are too loud
    -The groceries and staples are overpriced(just got to make those tourist pay)same with vegtables and fruit etc. It is cheaper to buy in Canada.
    -Half of the store items are not priced. I spend more time at the price checker than I do shopping.
    If you buy a spray product, it is second grade. I bought some oven spray for $8.00 Canadian. I got 3 squirts out of it, and then the nozel would not work, it is the same with the room deodarant, and even hair spray.
    I am in Total Shock..there are no specials.
    Wal-mart should take better care of their clientel here. I am not going back there

  2. Hi Liz, I agree with you on your comment. I haven't been back since I wrote this article. Thanks for writing. Patricia

  3. The customer service in this store is terrible. I had a scam artist remove a part on my car when I was in the store. He then approached me offering to 'fix" my car and said he had the part I needed. Long story, but he had actually removed my car part to sell it back to me. I was told they had worked this scam on customers several times before, but when I asked the Walmart security agent to help me just by going out to the lot and seeing if this was the same man, he refused, saying the management had told them not to because the man knew them and might retaliate! They wouldn't even let me use their phone to call police or a garage. Nor would they let me look at their surveillance cameras to see if I could see the man removing the car part. In the end, I had to pay him just so I could leave. I swore I'd never go back to this Walmart, but i must admit I have gone once or twice to get a product I can't get elsewhere.

  4. Thank you for that very interesting information. I am not surprised at Walmart's reaction. I rarely shop there. I like the local stores better. Thank you for writing. Patricia