Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back to the Scene of My Accident

There is once again a beach

Today is the first time I have walked back to where I had the accident. In the above photo Chico is peeing in the spot. At the time it was filled with water with a layer of sand was floating on top. I had thought it was the beach and stepped into it and slipped. Broke my ankle. Chico expresses exactly how I feel about that spot. I was kind of nervous about going back again. As soon as I got near this spot my ankle started hurting the way it did that day when I crawled out of the water. Body memory.

But it was a beautiful day. It looked once again like angels in the sky. It was Chico's first walk outside of our yard since my accident. Unless his owner has taken him for walks and I didn't know about it. Chico was practically doing back flips, he was so excited to see that leash and know he was getting out of here. I don't blame him. It is a beautiful yard but it gets boring after three months.....


  1. Congratulations, Patricia!!!
    The picture of Chico is funny, especially taking into account where he is. I'm so glad you were able to get out and enjoy the day. It's cold here, some snow this morning and maybe more this week...

    Karen in VA

  2. Hi Karen, Thank you for your good wishes. Yes, I thought about framing that photo but it is hard to carry a grudge against nature. After all, I was the one falling into the water and holding my camera over my head instead of breaking my fall. The lake didn't do anything except exist..... But this photo is still fun to see and it makes me laugh. It doesn't make sense to be angry at that particular place, but I still am... thanks, Patricia

  3. beautiful pix and i agree, that is a funny picture of chico.

    i love the shot of the great dane in your previous post. what a beautiful malecon and the westies are so cute. if we ever get another dog that's the kind i'd want. however, since we plan to do a lot of traveling after we retire in 5 1/2 years, we problably won't get another one. our old jack is 15 1/2 and doing quite well for his age, other than being pretty deaf and having some arthritis. hope we'll have him around for a few more years.

    take care,

    teresa in lake stevens

  4. Hi Teresa, Thank you for writing again. There were two Great Danes taking a walk yesterday. Beautiful dogs. It is nice to be able to get out again, even though I can't walk very far. I hope you aren't too cold up there now. Wish I could ship you some of this beautiful sunshine. Patricia

  5. Ha ha ha! Good for Chico! He loves his Patricia and was showing you :)

    Your friend, Leslie

  6. Hi Leslie, Maybe Chico is expressing his anger at not having any walks since my accident. Come by with Boomer and visit again. Thanks for writing. Your friend, Patricia