Friday, January 14, 2011

Two Boys

I went into Chapala today with my friends Ilona and Casey. While Casey and I were waiting in the car for Ilona I took these photos of a little boy as he walked by. He realized I was photographing him and he smiled at me. I have found that most children love to be photographed. Later in the afternoon a family came to visit with my landlord. Their son hung out with me for a couple of hours. I took some photos of him and then we played a simple card game. I was blessed today by these too special boys.

Children really are the light of the world. Children and animals.


  1. Very cute pictures. I especially like the wide smile on the first boy and the fountain picture. And I do agree with the last statement,too. By the way, I am a teacher and a dog lover! (We have two rescued dogs - they're great.) Have a good weekend.
    Karen in VA

  2. HI Karen, Thank you for writing again. We are on the same wave length.... Hope you have a good week end too. Although to me, all the days are the same here. Patricia