Friday, January 7, 2011

Boomer in His New Sweater

Boomer is one lucky dog. Leslie had him groomed today and put his new Martha Stewart Collection sweater on him. I love Boomer. He is a real treasure. I took care of him for a few days over Christmas. Okay, he took care of me.....


  1. he's precious! my jack (jack russell terrier) does not like coats, sweaters. even when we lived in ellensburg and i often walked him in 5 deg. temps. he seemed fine without one.

    waiting for my son to arrivie from nyc. unfortunately, he was not able to find a job in his field in the 1 + years he lived there. he's trying to get into the movie business as a producer's assistant, that's what he studied in college, but with this economy, it's hard to find jobs in any field. at least i'll have him home for a while and can spoil him a bit with my cooking and baking.

    have a nice weekend.

    teresa in lake stevens

  2. Hi Teresa, Thank you for writing again. I think Chico must be part Jack Russell Terrier because he is such a great jumper. I hope you have a nice week end too. And enjoy your son when he gets there. NYC is a hard city.....I bet he will be glad to be with you for awhile. Patricia

  3. Boomy! He thinks you're a real treasure too!

    Your friend, Leslie

  4. Thanks Leslie and Boomer. Come by again and visit. Your friend, patricia