Saturday, January 1, 2011

Trip into Chapala

Above is a photo of the front of the inexpensive motel where I lived for four months. It is half a block from the plaza
Oranges coming in for the juice stand
Boys taking a break at the juice stand
Small restaurant, good and inexpensive food
The bus station
Trees along the main street in Chapala

Christmas Tree at the main intersection in Chapala
Beautiful young woman behind the counter. You can be sure that the men took notice of her.
My friend came by and took me with her into Chapala. It is the first time I have been there since my accident three months ago. I walked around with a cane and took a lot of photos while she was at the dentist. Everyone was hurrying home to get ready for the New Year celebrations. It was nice for me to be in Chapala again because I lived there the first four months I came here. I like that town. So here are some of the photos I took.  You might notice that there aren't many expats in Chapala. It is more of a Mexican town and that makes it much less expensive than Ajijic. I love the feel of Chapala. Sometimes in Ajijic it feels like a town north of the border because there are so many expats around.


  1. Hi Patricia: I like the looks of Chapala also...why did you leave there. Love the pictures. Take care and you sounding better!!!Marilyn

  2. Hi Marilyn, Thanks for writing. I left because I had an opportunity to rent a little two room place with a beautiful garden for less money. It is quieter here than in the motel room. But I still like Chapala. Patricia

  3. You're getting around with a CANE now? That's awesome. How about a photo of you walking in the sunshine with your cane & a big smile? Prospero Ano Nuevo, Patricia... tu amiga

  4. Thank you for the New Year wish. I hate my photos. That is why I don't put many on the blog. And today I am back to the crutch. Two steps forward and one step back. I talked with a woman who had the same problem and she said it takes a year to totally heal...UGH.... Patricia