Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Art Opening at the Cultural Center in AJijic

This is the artist Jesus V. Lopez Vega standing in front of the Cultural Center in the Plaza in Ajijic. He gave me a flyer of his art work and I was very impressed. It is beautiful stuff. The show is titled Sincretismo Magico and his pictures are magical. He is having an opening this Saturday at four in the afternoon. I hope I can make it there.


  1. It seems everyone wants magic in their lives. I am willing to bet the people of Des Moines think they live in a magical place, as well.

  2. HI Steve, You are right. I bet every place on earth has at least a little magic. It is magic just to be alive. So I returned my crutches today.... I am walking with a cane or sometimes with no cane. Thanks for writing. Patricia