Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Afternoon at the Real de Chapala Hotel

I managed to walk all the way to the Real de Chapala Hotel today without a cane. I walked very slowly and took photos all along the way. I was the only customer at the restaurant. The waiters were all standing around just talking. They were nice to me and let me sit by the pool when I ordered my hamburger.  I took photos of the grounds and walked home. It was peaceful. As I sat there looking out on the lake, I thought of how I felt when I was stuck at home in bed during the previous three months. And I remembered telling myself how happy I would be when I could get out again. And I WAS very happy today. It was a special treat for me. The waiters all know me now and I feel like an important guest when I go there. I asked one of the waiters to take a photo of me and then I took one of him.  I told myself I was going to start a diet today. Instead I ordered a hamburger and a coke. No need to spoil a special day with a diet. I will diet tomorrow..... 
This is Alicia's Board and Care Home. Nice Place. Two blocks from my casita.

The road I live on. Looks like they are having a good day too.
They painted my favorite house purple. It was blue. Both colors looked good.
The Yacht Club, three blocks from my casita 

The side of the Real de Chapala Hotel
The fountain at the Real de Chapala Hotel
Real de Chapala Hotel 

One of the two pools at the Real de Chapala Hotel 
The other pool at the hotel
Another fountain at the Real de Chapala Hotel
My meal
Lobby at the Real de Chapala Hotel
Trees on the street I live on,  La Huerta
Flowers on my walk home on La Huerta St.
One of the beautiful houses on La Huerta St.
It was a beautiful afternoon. Not bad for an unplanned day by myself. I am happy just to be able to walk again, even though it is a slow walk and it still hurts. Maybe one day soon I will be walking all over town again. But for now, I am pleased to be living on such a beautiful street and close to the Real de Chapala Hotel.


  1. So good to see you out and about, even if it is just a little're free!!!We're still freezing in the great white north....Enjoy your pictures sooo much....Take care, Marilyn

  2. Hi Marilyn, Thank you for writing. Wish I could send you some of this beautiful sunshine. Keep warm. Patricia

  3. Send some sunshine my way, too! The only green trees here are evergreens, and nobody is wearing shorts! We're supposed to be down to around 15 degrees tonight. Brrrr....
    I'm so glad you had a wonderful day. You look so happy and relaxed in your photo!
    I was wondering, are the horses actually used for transportation, or are the people just out for a ride?

    Karen in VA

  4. HI Karen, Thank you for writing again. I hope some warm weather goes your way soon. I hate cold weather. That is why I live here. The horses are usually for pleasure. It costs 100 pesos an hour to ride them. It is fun. Patricia