Monday, January 17, 2011

Casey's Photo, Children Eating Ice Cream in the Plaza

My friend Casey sent me this cute photo. He took it in the plaza. These are five grandchildren of a man he met there. He didn't get the man's photo. What a lucky man to have these beautiful grandchildren.


  1. the children are indeed beautiful. hope to have one of those myself someday, i mean grandchildren of course, hopefully more than one.

    looks like another fun sunday! you are lucky to have such good friends.

    teresa in lake stevens

  2. Hi Teresa, Thank you for writing again. Yes, I am very lucky..... I deeply appreciate all my friends and online friends as well, including you. Thank you. Patricia

  3. Hi Patricia,

    "Muchas gracias" for my daily dose of sunshine! It is indeed a cute picture of beautiful children.
    I am now looking out the window at icicles and ice around every limb of trees! It is very pretty, but it seems like summer is a long way away!
    Enjoy your day,
    Karen in VA

  4. HI Karen, Thanks for writing again. The only missing part of that photo is the grandpa. I would have loved to have seen him standing behind those kids..... Hope these photos have brought you some happy feelings. Your friend, Patricia

  5. This is a great photograph, all the girls are co-ordinated!

  6. HI Frangipan, Maybe they all like red. Yes, it is a cute photo. I will have to pass your compliment on to Casey. Thanks for writing. Patricia