Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Spa in San Juan Cosala Photos

Blogspot is still down in Mexico. Maybe people out of this country are still getting it. Just in case it is working in other places, I will still put on photos and write. I don't know how long it will be out of service here. So I cannot see it online and I cannot answer any comments. I can post comments but I cannot answer them. I took a lot of photos of the different pools but there are still more places in the spa that I did not photograph. 
You can see the clouds above. It is like that just about every morning. I have to get there by nine thirty in order to swim laps. By eleven the crowds come in because it is summer holiday for the children. Often by eleven the sun is out and it becomes a beautiful day, but crowded at the spa.
So the choice is, Cold weather early in the mornings or crowds a little later on. I have to take the cold weather. Otherwise I can't swim the laps. 

This is one of the smaller pools that children like to use because it is shallow. But if the two big pools are crowded and this one is empty, I will do laps in this one.

Above is one of the two big pools. Check out the palm trees they planted and the water they now have that showers into the pool. That water is cold and feels good when you get under it.

There are several places to buy food.

This year they also added more shade for the pools. It can get very hot in the thermal water with the sun beating down on you.

Another eating area is in the back of this photo. There are hundreds of tables and chairs here. And lounge chairs too.

This is the other big pool. It has a large slide for the children. It opens a little later than the pool that is in the second photo. 

This is the one of the covered areas. Good to hide out in there when it rains.

Another children's pools. At the top of that slide, a bucket of cold water dumps onto the person sitting there. The children love that.

I just wanted to show you the clouds. It is just starting to clear up in this photo. 

Right now it costs 260 pesos pr. adult and I think 130 pr. child. And also they have a family rate. It is expensive. I buy a twenty ticket pass that is only good for four months and not on holidays or weekends and costs 2600 pesos. What I don't use at the end of the four months is no longer good. 


  1. Thanks to continue to blog even though you don't know that we are out here. Yes we are. The photos of the pool now let me picture exactly where you are.

  2. Your pictures continue to be enjoyable. Glad that you're able to relax in the beautiful pools, in spite of your computer woes. Hope they will be resolved soon. Thank you for maintaining your blog in the meantime. P. Perry