Sunday, August 20, 2017

Morning Thoughts

Yesterday I went out to breakfast with a few friends at David's Cafe. It was a lot of fun but I am only putting on a photo of the back yard. I didn't ask my friends if I could put on pictures of them. I know one woman who is like me. She doesn't like having her picture taken. So I am leaving those off. 

After breakfast Carolina and I went to Christiana park with our dogs. They had a blast, running all over it and through the puddles. It was nice for me to get out and do something different. I have spent too much time in my apartment. The kids go back to school on Monday. I am hoping I will be able to go to the spa a little later on in the day without being overwhelmed with kids and start swimming more. 

That is green painted slabs, not grass. It is a beautiful setting. David's cafe is not far from the Ajijic Plaza.

My breakfast at David's.

Stand inside Christiana park.

Carolina and Pepper.

Children's slide at the park. I used to swim here often but then they would close it without warning and I gave it up.

Part of the pool there.

You can see that the pool if very large. I used to love swimming there because during the week no one else was around. I noticed that it was busy yesterday. 

The trees by the pool entrance.

The lake is in the background.

You can see that the lake is high this year, almost to the wall.

The dogs making a friend.

Happy dog. This is Pepper. 

Having fun in the puddle of water from last night's rain.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Peter, Good to hear from you. Yes, Pepper is a sweet dog and much loved. P

  2. Interesting and fun pics, as usual! Maybe I should try the "painted green slabs" idea in the backyard. No more grass cutting! Haha. Hola a Chico y sus amigos!
    Have a great week, Pat.
    Karen in vA

  3. Hi Karen, thanks for the laugh. school starts today for the local kids. I am hoping the pool won't be so crowded now. P

  4. Wonderful pics! Hope you enjoy your swims again -- surely the school kids will be jealous of you!

    1. Hi Deborah , Thank you for commenting. Now I have a cold so I still cant swim. Maybe in a few days...... p