Saturday, August 5, 2017

Back online in Mexico

I have continued writing through the blackout of blogspot in Mexico. I believe that most of my readers live either in The United States or Canada. They are people thinking about moving here and wanting to see photos of day to day life or people wanting to relive memories of vacations here. So I didn't worry about it. When things like this happen I remember what my friend Pat from San Blas says, "If you don't like something in Mexico, just wait. It will change." 

She said that after a tuba player moved into a house directly across the street from hers and he practiced in the street for hours at a time. But after a few months of driving her crazy, he moved. Peace again. 

My biggest peeve has been the garbage piled up on the corner close to my house. But the other day, I read an article in the Guadalajara reporter that they are changing the garbage collection rules in order to try to fix the horrible street corner pile ups all over town. It said that no longer can we put garbage on the corners. We will be fined if we do that. We must put it in separate garbage cans in front of our houses. 

I took a walk downtown to my favorite Thai restaurant yesterday. I noticed that there were black bags of garbage in front of everyone's doors. But still there were piles on the corners. I think I saw ONE garbage can. That would be a real problem in my neighborhood. Once a friend left a small box of cat litter on my doorstep and an hour later it was gone. I can see that happening to garbage cans too.  My landlord parks right under my window. There is no room for a garbage can. Maybe this new system will work out. No one wants to get fined. They also are removing all the pegs that expats put up around town for hanging garbage up high to keep dogs out.

For me, it would be a blessing if I no longer had to live near a huge pile of garbage.  I have high hopes for this new system. 

Now I am changing the subject to food. People food and food for dogs. The first photos are of our lunches at the Thai restaurant and the next  one is of the dogs waiting around the butcher shop, hoping it will open. 

The last photo is of my friend Loretta, walking ahead of me with her umbrella for shade. I see Mexican women doing this all the time but I never think of it when I leave the house. It can get hot in the afternoons. I have learned that if it is an especially hot day, then it will most likely rain in the evening or night. 

My camera seems to have problems now. I can't get clear photos. Maybe if I am patient, that will change too. 

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