Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Another post about the garbage situation in Ajijic

As I was walking into town the other day, I came across this garbage can. I took a picture of it because it was so unusual for me to see. The new rules that I read a few weeks ago in the local newspaper were that garbage could no longer be put on the street corners. That we would be fined if caught doing that. Everyone was supposed to have a real garbage can in front of his or her house and put the garbage in that and it would get picked up.

What Actually happened is that a garbage can, not much larger than the one in the picture above, was put on our street corner. Now I KNEW that wouldn't last long. For one thing, it was completely covered with garbage bags about ten times over because it was too small for everything. And within just a few days the can was missing. Someone must have taken it for his or her own use. So now the garbage is still piling up on our street corner. But it is being picked up more often. Not as messy as it was before these new rules. I rarely see any garbage cans on the streets. Sometimes I see big plastic bags filled with garbage in front of houses, but rarely do I see an actual can.... So I thought this one deserved to be photographed. I don't know how this situation will finally be resolved. 


  1. My goodness, looks like things are progressing...

  2. Hi Peter, Thanks for writing. I think so. Not as much a the city would like but change takes time. P