Saturday, August 5, 2017

And another Sushi Restaurant in Ajijic

I decided to get out of my apartment and take Chico for a little walk. It was cut short because of all the traffic on the carretera. I didn't try to cross it. There were so many cars that some of them were going on the upper side street. It is mostly for the businesses along it and for people walking.  I went to the sushi restaurant by the bank but it certainly wasn't restful. So many cars were using it as the road to avoid traffic on the carretera that one car almost ran over Chico. He was standing beside me at the outside table on his leash. 

I was told by a Mexican friend on my walk that there is so much traffic in town because it is the last weekend before school starts again. Now that is good to hear. I may be able to swim at the spa after this week without crowds in the pools. 

I ordered the same thing that I ordered at the other two sushi restaurants. The California Roll. They are all about the same price but my vote goes to Senor Sushi. I like their free cucumber salad and they give me more pickled ginger.

This is where I ate today. I was sitting at the outside chair. Chico was sitting just below me. A car almost ran over him.

Above is another car driving by but this one wasn't right next to my table.

Some of the traffic on the carretera.

Another photo of the tables in front of the restaurant.

The California roll. I walked home, still hungry.
There is a festival going on at the Chapala malecon now. People will be there from Oaxaca. Since I want to go down there in December, I am going to try to get on a bus tomorrow to see it. But with all of this traffic, I am guessing the  festival will be filled with tourists. I will do the best I can to get some photos of it. 

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