Monday, August 7, 2017

The Oaxaca Festival in Chapala

I went into Chapala to photograph the Oaxaca Festival. There were only a few stands on the plaza but the town was packed with people visiting. I could hardly walk down the malecon. I heard that it was the last summer weekend for the children so the families were taking full advantage of it. I was looking for the folk dancers and demonstrations but couldn't find anything like that. Here are photos of the stands and also of the Malecon.

Some of the young men were being silly. I think they were bored. No customers.

There were lots of ice cream sellers on the malecon. 

This man has some kind of health gadget. I have never tried it. He has been around the malecon for years. It has something to do with shocking you with those two metal things. I didn't ever investigate it enough to know more than that.

Above is the line of people waiting to get their pictures taken on the Chapala sign.

This is my favorite photo of the day. These two little girls were too exhausted to walk into the restaurant with their parents. The one on the right is waving at me as I took her picture. That is exactly how I felt after spending the afternoon on the malecon with crowd of people. 

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