Thursday, August 3, 2017

Morning Thoughts--Market Photos Ajijic

Yesterday I took a walk with Chico to the Wednesday market but it was so crowded that we couldn't go down it. I just took a few photos at the top. I was going to have breakfast at Salvador's but every table was taken. I talked with a friend and he was saying that there no longer is a low season here. Apartments are hard to find, prices are much higher, and there are always lots of people and traffic in town. I see it too. This area has become almost as expensive as in the United States. New homes here are more expensive than they are in Overland Park, Kansas, where my son and his wife have moved to from Portland, OR.  They were finally forced out of Portland because of too many people and too high of prices.  The same thing is happening here.. 

 I don't know where I would go next. Most likely it would have to be out of this area completely. My blog still isn't showing up in Mexico and I still can't answer any comments. But here are the few photos that I took yesterday at the market.

You can see the crowds for yourself and these photos were taken at the top where it isn't as bad as the lower part that I could not even get to yesterday.

This little boy was taking care of his baby sister next to the grocery store.  He looks so proud of her. 

The watch man is installing a new battery in my orange plastic watch.

This is the top of the market. I don't know how the man selling baskets is going to make it down through the crowds. Maybe he isn't going to try. There are lots of sellers who just stay at the top, near the street. 

This is still the top of the market. You can see why I couldn't walk down it.

I like the design of the purse. I would never carry one like that but I still like it.

Another crowd photo

One of the flower stalls. I was trying to get a photo of that cute little girl in her mother's arms. The one with the top notch hair do. But she didn't turn my way. 


  1. Hi, I am seeing your blog on Saturday morning here in Ajijic. Caught up on all your past entries. Hope this means the problem is solved.

  2. Hi Pat, wow, what a surprise. Thanks. P

  3. We cross the Tex/Mex Border to Nuevo Progresso. The streets there look like your market day, everyday. The men selling big items just push their way through. It does not matter if many old people get smashed. God forbid, if you want to buy something from him. He stops and sets it all down, blocking the sidewalk completely. Then the haggling begins, ending in a price that more than likely requires CHANGE! Here we go again. If you want or need to pass, go into the street. Our town has sidewalks with semi permanent stands, all down one side, of the already small sidewalk. The salesperson stands in the middle of the small sidewalk, THEN the Handicapped poor ladies sit on the right, with their arms out and ask for money. Their 2-3 little kids just wander under your feet. EVERY PERSON, ask if you want to buy, something they are selling. This happens going and coming. Oh PLEASE, just shoot me if you have to go back for something you missed. He will get you 4 times. Sometime people just get shoved into one of the hundreds of Dentist Offices. That is how you get in line and if you are you are loosing your memory, you just stay and get a filling or implant. The day is a real experience.

  4. wow, and I thought market day here was crowded.. It was a walk in the park compared to your experience. Thanks for sharing. P