Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday morning in the Ajijic Plaza

It was much quieter on Monday than it was on Sunday. 

My friend Carolina was having a late breakfast with two male friends and I joined in just for a talk.
The man above was trying to sell the blankets.

Carolina had waited a long time to finally get another cup of coffee. That is why she wasn't smiling in the photo. I forgot to get a picture of the man on the other side of her. Too bad. Later on Carolina said that both the men were single. That is a rarity here. And they were charming men too.

What do you know. I found a picture of the man on the other side of her. How did she get so lucky? Oh yes, they are all in the choir at the Catholic Church. 

Chico enjoyed the attention of the little boy. 

I wanted to get the father's face. This was taken before he brought his son to pet Chico. He asked if it was okay. Sure was okay with Chico. 

Carolina invited me to go to the Monday market in San Antonio with her. 

As we walked to her car I had to get a shot of this sad looking dog. The butcher shop hadn't opened yet and he was waiting for a bone.

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