Friday, August 25, 2017

Morning Thoughts

I have a cold and have been stuck in my apartment for several days now. Bored. Nothing much to do except go through all my clothes and take out things for the consignment store. Boring. It looks like it will be a few more days of being stuck in here. There is only so much cooking and cleaning I can do without going crazy. But I don't need to go out in public and infect others with this cold. 

I am watching people prepare for the hurricane going into Texas. I should be thankful for not being in that path. I guess I will keep on cleaning and sorting through my things. I do have a good book to read. It may be a few days before I get back on this blog because I have nothing to write about now. 


  1. A good purge of your stuff is never a bad thing. Hope you feel better soon...

  2. Thank you Peter. Good to hear from you. P

  3. Hope you get lots of rest and feel better soon. Nothing like getting lost in a good book.

  4. Hope you're better soon!
    Karen in VA