Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hot springs in San Juan Cosala (what is in the water)

I made it to the spa this morning as soon as it opened at nine a.m. By eleven there were crowds of people. I was glad I had a chance to do laps before they arrived. It still must be the summer vacation for children because they were everywhere. Above is the hottest pool. Today it was 105 degrees. I can't tell you the temperature of the swimming pools because they don't have any thermometers. But I am guessing about ten or fifteen degrees cooler. This water comes in at 205 degrees so it takes awhile to get it cooled down enough for people to use. 

I picked up a flyer today there. In case you are interested, here is a list of what is in the water.
magnesium.  .849
Calcium.      23.83
Copper.            .0572
Silicon.       70.90
Aluminum.    .1804
Potassium.     9.440
Lithium.      .3109
Sodium.      246.7
Sulfur.      163.7

Some of the things the flyer says about health benefits.   It increases body temperature, killing germs, including viruses, also increases the hydrostatic pressure of the body thereby increasing blood circulation and oxygenation. This helps dissolve and eliminates toxins in the body. 

Constant use of the hot springs helps normalize functions of the endocrine glands and automatic nervous system. It stimulates the nervous system and improves the immune system and relaxes the mind. Helps the production of endorphins and regulates glandular functions. Many of these affects are due to consumption of the minerals.    

After typing this up, I realize I should be soaking longer in the hotter pool.

There is a hotel next to the waters. If you are interested in staying there or knowing more about it, here is their website. I also wrote an article about it several years ago on Accesslakechapala.com.    Hotel is:  www.hotelspacosala.com. 


  1. I'm really looking forward to visiting the hot springs this November and December. Is it open the same hours then?
    Thank you for the detailed info!
    Deborah S.

  2. From nine in the morning. I can't remember when they close, maybe around seven in the evening. P

  3. Everywhere you go there will always be a few bad people. My friends have gone to all inclusive resorts in Mexico and they always talk about the warmth and kindness of the Mexican people. Unfortunately, only the bad news gets reported.

    1. Hi Donna, I agree with you completely. Thanks for writing. P