Monday, July 31, 2017

Sunday morning in my neighborhood

My blog still isn't working properly but I am going to keep on posting and hope it will be resolved before long. I have heard that other bloggers using blogspot here are also not able to see their blog online. And they also probably can't answer any comments.  

It is overcast this morning and very humid. I am going to go swimming for the first time in a couple of weeks. My knee is well now and I am going crazy just sitting around my apartment. I took a little walk do Salvador's yesterday with Chico. I was intending to have their Sunday brunch but it was too crowded. I can only eat outside with Chico and it was also a little cold. I took a few photos along the way and of Salvador's, inside and outside. I am taking my camera to the spa today and maybe I will remember to take some photos there. I apologize for not being able to answer any comments. I can answer if you write to my e mail address.

This is the carretera. Lots of traffic on it, especially on weekends but I managed to get an open space.

The car wash man, waiting for customers. He totally ignores me because he knows I don't have a car. I finally stopped speaking to him too. It is no fun to be ignored and feel invisible.

There were no tables available outside so I didn't get to have their buffet. The little dog sitting in the chair was closely guarding his table from us. 

Inside Salvador's restaurant.  They are getting serenaded by a very good musician.  He works for tips. 

The buffet table is by those windows.

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  1. Hope you enjoy your swim. At least you can blog even if you can't see the comments.