Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Another Wednesday Market in Ajijic with Chico

I took so many pictures today that I will most likely have to make this part one and then a part two. So these photos start out at the top of the market and then go on down. The further down you go, the more crowded it becomes..... It was packed at the bottom of the market today. 

Here are some of the exotic fruits that are in season now. 

Top of the market, no crowds.

Still no crowds.
Chico has seen this little dog several times. I think Chico likes him or her. I don't know which the dog is but very well groomed. Chico gets so excited that he was pulling on the leash as we walked down the hill towards the market. But on the way home, as we pass the vet's office, he tries to get to the other side of the street. It is difficult taking him there, especially at the bottom of the market where there are crowds but he loves it so much that I hold him close and let him come with me.

I love the pizza but in am on a strict diet now to get my cholestoral down. I have to eliminate a lot of my favorite foods. 

This fish looked good too but it is fried. Off of my diet.

For sure these things are no longer on my diet. Deep fried, dough covered in sugar. Yum

No more ice cream for me. Check out the two little girls in the next photo. They really wanted an ice cream cone.

No more of this for me. 

Now it is starting to get crowded. This is a favorite place that the Mexicans like to eat at but not many Expats like the kind of food they serve.

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