Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Homemade Sushi

I spent several hours making my first batch of sushi, plus all the cleaning up. They look rough but taste good. I know they won't keep very long so I am going to have to eat them as quickly as possible. This will most likely be my last batch too. It is so much easier to walk the block to the sushi restaurant, eat a fresh batch that someone else made and cleaned up with no pressure to eat more than I want. And spend a few bucks, a lot less than all the ingredients I bought for these rolls. But I tried. That counts for something. Now I can really appreciate the restaurant. Here are photos of the rolls and one cut up.

I wrapped them up to try to keep them fresh.

And this is the mess of the first roll cut up. It is not easy to make good looking sushi. But it was fun to have a kitchen and be able to try. 


  1. A for effort! If it tasted good then you were successful. Some foods are too convoluted to make at home...

  2. Thank you Peter for commenting. And who wants to eat five sushi rolls in two days? Otherwise it won't keep. No more sushi making for me but I am glad I did it once. P