Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Another Wednesday market in Ajijic with Chico

I found some old Mexican coins.

The woman above is selling pork. She is there every week.

More old Mexican coins.

Chico and two friends.

I like those small tomatoes with watercress. Great salas combo.

They were having a great time, singing up a storm. I think the woman was just a passer by. She was having too much fun and I saw him singing alone later on.

This is one of my favorite vegetable stands. See those bottles to the left of the photo? That is pomogranate juice they make themselves, fresh. 

I also like the giant tomatoes.

How about that giant scorpion belt buckle????


  1. Pat we went to the market this morning, too. I bought the almond mole and looking forward to having it on rice.

    1. Hi Sylva, let me know how it tastes. I might buy some next week. Let me know when you want to get together. I can't tomorrow or Sat. P