Sunday, July 30, 2017

Morning Thoughts----my blog problems

Well I am still having problems with my blog. I appreciate getting messages that you can receive it. I can't figure out why I can't answer any comments. I have been told that they are getting posted. This morning I received a comment from Patty. She also has a blog on here and she said she had problems with it the past few days but now it works. But I just tried to access her blog, Grimstraveltales and I get the same message, SERVER CANNOT BE FOUND.  So, Patty if you are reading this post, yours still isn't working either.  Hopefully these problems with blogspot will be solved soon. In the meantime I will keep writing but I won't be able to answer any comments unless they are sent to me personally on

I haven't been doing much for the past two weeks because I twisted my knee. I don't want to have knee problems again so I have just been sitting around wasting my time watching stupid netflix series. I have watched just about everything on there except for the chldren's programs. I even watch the ones in Spanish and read the subtitles, hoping I will learn Spanish that way. My memory is so bad these days that nothing sticks in my brain. So that too, is just wasting my life away. 

I am going to take a walk with Chico today no matter what. I hate just sitting around here all the time. When I was in my fifties I spent some time working in what they call Rest Homes. Those places are grim.  For sure, all the elderly people living there did was REST. Rest and watch television and then they had to go to their rooms at four in the afternoon. Most of them went to bed at that time. Their day was over. These past two weeks feel like I have been living in one of those places. Just eating and resting and watching things on netflix. I feel a bit nuts from it. 

 Strange thing about it is that the last time I was in one of those homes in Portland, visiting with a friend, I noticed that all the people living there were about my age.  What were they doing in that place????   It was scary to see that as a possible future for myself. I had better get out and walk today, no matter if my knee still hurts. I do not want to end up in one of those Rest Homes.....

I will take my camera with me today and maybe I can get something worthwhile to put on here. Today is Salvador's Sunday Brunch. The restaurant is packed, mostly with  people from Guadalajara, the motorcycle clubs, people dressed up from church, they love the buffet there. I might do that just to break the obsession I am on now with sushi.  Sorry I can't answer any comments sent to me on this site. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon. 


  1. Your wonderful blog continues to come through in Chicago. I hope your tech issues will be resolved soon. Thank you for maintaining your site in spite of those problems. Looking forward to your latest pictures! Thank you.

  2. HI Patricia, It is working fine in Minnesota. Hope that knee gets better soon. Pat