Monday, July 10, 2017

Please Read and Pass this along to your friends

My dear friend Elizabeth Campbell is in dire need of a kidney. Unfortunately, I am too old to donate one. I think their cut off age is 65 years old. Here is a photo I took several years ago before her kidneys got so bad. Please, if you are interested, contact her on her facebook page, Elizabeth Campbell. 

Some facts about kidney transplants: over 100,000 people a year wait for one and only 18% of those people actually receive one. There is a three to ten year waiting list and the longer a person has to wait, the less likely the kidney transplant will work. Having a living donor makes for a much better chance. Right now Elizabeth is healthy enough so that her body is less likely to reject one and she would be able to have a much longer and happier life. She is a wonderful and loving woman. She has worked hard all of her life and now that she is able to retire and enjoy her granddaughter, she is stuck with this terrible situation. 

She has no kidney function now so she has to go to kidney dialysis for several hours three times a week. So that takes up much of her time. Dialysis is also very hard on the rest of her body. Please, if you know anyone who might be able and willing to help her by donating a kidney, send this along to that person. I hope she will get one soon and be able to have a long and healthy life. She deserves that after working hard for so many years. 

One more comment: Your kidneys don't have to match up to hers. If someone donates a kidney, they will give it to someone who can use it and then find one to match hers, if it is donated in her name. 


  1. Sorry for your friend. I had a kidney removed in 1976. It wasn't functioning and was causing me a lot of pain. I just want people to know that you can live a perfectly normal life with just one kidney. They won't let you donate if you are not in excellent health. The donor really does save a life.