Monday, July 24, 2017

Sunday at the Laguna Centro Mall

Once again I was at the mall but this was a Sunday. What a difference. I was there most of the day, sitting around and visiting with a friend. Our movie had changed to some kid's movie and so we sat and talked in the food court. It was interesting for me to see how many people go there for the afternoon on Sundays. I have gone to the Ajijic Plaza on Sundays and it is also crowded but there seems to be more of a mix of Expats and Mexicans. At the mall yesterday I only saw a couple of other expats the entire time I was there. They didn't stay long.

  It seems to me that the Mexicans like North of the Border atmosphere and the Expats like the South of the Border atmosphere. Here are some photos from yesterday. My friend and I were mostly ignored except by this exuberant little boy who noticed that I was taking pictures of him jumping the pond. The first three are of him, making the jump and then smiling at the camera.

His sister is standing behind him, afraid to try it.

This is the landing.

He is smiling at me. I showed him the pictures and he was very pleased with himself.

A proud grandpa.

Almost every table was being used.

Two more older kids, messing around that water fountain. It is popular with them.

For me, sitting in that food court was like being back in the United States, in any typical food court in a mall. For some reason, I have been missing the USA.  Maybe because it has been three years since I have crossed the border. Yesterday was a boost for me, like being NOB except for the fact that my friend, Carolina, and I were only other expats hanging out there. Who needs more than one friend to talk with at a time? That is a social occasion. Two friends at once and I become quiet.  I am a real introvert. But I love watching people. There were a lot of people to watch yesterday. 

  I noticed that the Mexicans dress up and it is a big social time for them to have lunch in this mall. I liked seeing that. Next time I go there on a Sunday I should do that too, except that I have no more nice clothes. I can't find clothes here my size and the quality at Walmart leaves much to be desired. So I will keep on wearing my old shorts. No one noticed me yesterday except my friend and the little boy jumping the fountain and he wasn't noticing me, he was noticing the camera. 

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