Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Municipal Clinic in Chapala

Yesterday I had an appointment to see the cardiologist at the municipal clinic in Chapala. At one time this clinic was just for people who worked in Chapala but last year they opened it up to everyone. It is very inexpensive .   They have an x ray machine and take blood tests. The cardiologist did my EKG and I had a blood test done. He said my EKG was fine and no problems but I need to have an ultrasound to be sure. They do not have an ultrasound machine there so he is sending me to another private office where I will get it done and I will have to pay for it. But they give a reduced rate for people from the Municipal Clinic.

I considered skipping the ultrasound until my cousin told me that he had a massive heart attack just three days after an EKG and the heart doctor had declared that his heart was fine. So I will do the ultrasound. I took a taxi there because I had an eight thirty am appointment and it is on the other side of Chapala, near the big Soriana's grocery store. Buses do go there from Chapala but I didn't want to be late for my appointment. No worries about that. When I got there the nurse said the doctor would be three hours late and I was already number four on the list to see him. One time when I wish I had brought a book to read. Nothing there to read. I sat and watched some ants devour a dead bug for a long time. I hadn't eaten or taken my morning meds because of expecting to get a blood test. Fortunately, the woman in the lab agreed to give me the blood and urine test before I saw the Cardiologist and he could send her what he wanted tested. Because she closed at eleven and he wasn't coming in before eleven and I was number four on the list.

So after the blood test I walked across the street in the mud and there was a small grocery store with one little wooden table and two chairs. The owners made sandwiches for people. I ordered a sandwich and talked with them. The wife who is the cook also cooks for the American Legion on weekend. So she was very familiar to me. Her husband is blind but he does a great job of getting the food out and is extremely friendly. People came and went and they seemed like locals. A woman who wore a paramedic jacket sat down and ate a sandwich at my table and she let me take her photo too. It turned out to be really nice. I was glad I hadn't stuck my head in a book all those hours. The time went by very quickly while I relaxed and talked with everyone. Even in my awful Spanish.... Some of them spoke English. And when I finally saw the Cardiologist at noon, he spoke enough English for us to communicate.

The entire cost of the visit to the Cardiologist, the EKG, the blood and urine tast was 600 pesos. That is a little over thirty dollars. Try to do that in the United States.  I am guessing the co pay would have been more than that. Plus, it wasn't crowded there like the IMSS clinic. And I met new people and had a very relaxing morning. All after I got over my panic of not having anything to read..... I must get out and explore more and get my head out of books or the computer. 

I highly recommend this clinic. People are friendly. But just maybe call and make sure the doctor is going to show up on time. It is located like I wrote, a few blocks behind Sorianas. Address is Calle Chinchorros 29. Local buses stop right in front and will take you back to Chapala. They run about every fifteen minutes. If you want to go on to Ajijic you have to get off in Chapala and transfer to the Ajijic bus.  Here are the photos I took of the clinic and the neighborhood around it and the little store/restaurant.

The street just across from the clinic. It was very muddy.  I first walked to a little store up there and my shoes got filled with mud. That wasn't a good idea as the little store just across from the clinic is easier to get to and they cook good food.

This is the store that cooks food.

The woman owner. I didn't get her name. But if you go to the American Legion on weekends you will see her cooking.

Sorry I didn't get a photo of her husband.

The Paramedic who sat at my table. What a beautiful woman.  I love her smile.

The entrance to the clinic.

Another part of the clinic.

My bus ride back to Chapala. 

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