Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Okuma Sushi in the Centro Laguna Mall

They deliver.

Okuma Sushi is across the street from Walmart and next door to Dr Candy's office. She is my dentist and I highly recommend her. On the other side is the electronic store, Steren.  

They have pretty good prices and about anything you need in electronics.

Inside of Okuma Sushi. On the opposite wall is a mural, which is partly shown in the next photo.

The waiter, bringing me the trimmings. I ordered the same thing I always order, California Roll. 

This is a fairly large place but only three other people were in it. The boy behind the waiter had ordered the sushi in the next photo. They didn't mind that I took pictures of their orders.

This was his order. Those yellow things are bananas. It is stuffed with Octopus... It looked good. He said it was delicious but I am not quite that adventurous. 

The one above was covered in Avocado. That looked good. 

Above is my California Roll with trimmings of hot peppers and small slices of green onion. This place is a little more expensive than Senor Sushi which is also closer to my house. It was good. I may try another sushi place soon. I went swimming yesterday and somehow hurt my knee. I can barely walk today. So I will stay home. A perfect day for making more sushi. It is overcast today. 

 I get focused on one food and will eat it for months until I can't stand the sight of it anymore. If my son is reading this, well, David you KNOW about how I do this. I remember when he was growing up and he was such a particular eater that when I finally found something he liked, chicken pot pie, I started cooking it for him every night. For a long time. Finally he told me that he liked it but not EVERY night......   But for now I can eat sushi EVERY night.....   Maybe it is the seaweed that my body craves.....


  1. I am so sorry that you hurt your knee, am not sure if I told you about Volcanic Oil. It is sold all over Mexico and a lot of places in the US now. The Box is bright orange, with black print. There is a bottle inside the box. It comes in small and large. It is a very inexpensive med. As far as we are concerned, it is a miricle med. Rub in as much as you can, several times a day or as often pas you can. It is a thin liquid, so be careful pouring it into your hand. All of our muscles, tendons and ligaments have responded in the last 50 years! My Mother In Law used it on their chests, with bronchitis. She swore by it. The box says it has been sold since 1841. Try it.