Saturday, July 29, 2017

Morning Thoughts

Thank you readers for e mailing me about being able to read my blog. I also heard that the comments are being posted and people can read them too. I just can't access my blog online and see what is on it or see if the comments are posted or answer them on the blog. But if you write to me at to my e mail address: I can answer. 

But I can still write on it and put on photos. I don't have any new photos since I twisted my knee a week ago while swimming. I have mostly been sitting around my house, not wanting to injure it more than it is already. Hoping it will be well by Monday so I can swim again. Sometimes I think that this humidity has something to do with my aches and pains. They are worse when it is humid. Some afternoons it clears up and is sunny and beautiful. And others, it never does. I don't like the rainy season down here. 

Lately I have been missing the United States. I guess I mostly just miss my son and daughter-in-law. I haven't seen them for a few years. Okay, I also miss the clean streets and the warm, dry, sunny summers. I miss a lot of things now that I haven't been back for so long. But now when I go up there I have cluture shock. As I wrote in a previous e mail, the Mexicans gather at the North American type Mall here while the Expats gather in the old Mexico style central Plaza in Ajijic. Maybe it is human nature to want what is different from what we have. 

I am sorry that I won't be able to answer any comments sent to my blog. If you e mail me, I can write back. I hope this problem will be fixed.   Thank you again for the feedback about it. 

Yesterday morning when I found out that the problem was going on with the blog, I saw it as a sign for me to give it up. But I decided to continue anyway. I spend a lot of time at home and only have a few friends. Sometimes in my dreams I have a lot of people around me. When I wake up from these dreams I feel that they are the readers of my blog. People in the distance. People who have been reading it for years and who care about me. I deeply appreciate it and so I will keep on writing this blog as long as I can. If one day I stop, it will be because it is gone completely from the internet.  


  1. Hi Patricia - I randomly came across your blog today 12/21/17 and have been reading from that post till this one and wanted to say Keep it up! You do have readers! Sometimes us readers are shy to actually post a comment. Am looking into possible retirement in Ajijic and so glad to have found your blog that shares what it's really like to live there. The stories about the noises, to see what the roads look like on your walks here and there, to see what plants grow there - it's all been very informative. Thank you again and happy holidays from California.

    1. Thank you. I appreciate your feedback. Happy Holidays to you too. P