Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yard Sales, Cows and Thunder

You may wonder what the connection is between these things. They all happened today. I went to some yard sales in the morning with a friend. Along the way, I took the photo of the two calves and their mothers. (Check out those huge udders!) This is the best time of the year for yard sales because the snow birds are leaving town and lightening their loads.

In the night the thunder burst out here. The thunder was so loud, at first I thought someone was in my back yard setting off a cannon. It was amazing. So far there have been about five of these loud booms with quiet intervals in between. It happened a few days ago too and immediately the electricity went out for several hours. No rain. Just thunder and billowy white clouds.Maybe the rainy season will be here early this year...... It was a very nice day spent with friends. Lots of music all around me this evening. Saturday night. There is always loud music here on Saturday nights.
Waiting for the yard sale to open

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