Saturday, April 30, 2011

San Antonio Plaza

Yesterday I took the local bus to the San Antonio plaza.  This is a very small plaza, peaceful even when they are having a market day. I ate lunch at Mario's restaurant. It is close to the plaza. Their food is traditional Mexican. Delicious. I had mango fish.  I usually don't even like fish but I loved it. 
Mango Fish


  1. Hi Teresa, I am so sorry. Your comment got rejected and I couldn't get it back. I am so glad you continue reading my blog and writing to me. I just moved into a house sitting job. I must be tired this morning, making mistakes on the computer. Patricia

  2. no worries, but that's about the 3rd time one of my comments hasn't gone through. oh well, just know that i do continue reading your posts and i love the pix. glad to hear you're enjoying your housesitting job. that is a great view from the mirador. is it right in ajijic? i must come down there someday.

    have a great week!


  3. Hi Teresa, I am so sorry. When I go to Portland, If I go to Portland, this summer, and if you ever go to Portland, let's meet and I will buy you a nice lunch. I would love to meet you. (I haven't forgotten that Steven calls you a Saint. That is a pretty good recommendation.) Patricia