Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The AJijic Plaza on a Quiet Monday

The day after the big Sunday festivities. I missed it all because I was too hot to walk up there. I also don't like huge crowds. Well, sometimes I do but right now I seem to be in withdrawal. I spend days in my yard without going out. This reminds me of when my ankle was so bad that I couldn't leave the yard. Now I am choosing not to leave it. I guess this is a bad sign. I need to go out even when it is hot. Tomorrow I am going to the El Dorado to swim. I will take photos and put them on my blog. I have heard they have a beautiful infinity pool up there.


  1. Dear Patricia ~ Just want to say that I'm thinking of U. Hope U had fun at the El Dorado swimming. Is that a hotel in Ajijic? I've been wrapped up in a long conversation w/an old college friend I haven't been in touch with since the 70's, laundry, & still reading Stephen King. Weird stories that are hard to put down! It's nice to be retired! Blessings, Carolina

  2. HI Carolina, Thanks for writing. I am going to the pool tomorrow. It is a private condo area, right off the carretera as you take that cut off to Guadalajara. I will post photos tomorrow afternoon. Hope it won't be too hot up there. Maybe I will see you in the morning at the market? I know about those Stephen King books. Very addictive. Your friend, Patricia