Thursday, April 21, 2011

Swimming at El Dorado

Yesterday my friend arranged for me to swim at El Dorado. It is a fairly new private residence club on the Libramiento as you turn to go to Guadalajara. It is in the San Antonio/Chula Vista area and close to the new shopping center. I had a lovely afternoon.  Centeya Canales showed me around. What a place!
It has a beautiful infinity swimming pool, hot tub, tennis courts, indoor gym, pool tables and even a sweat lodge where holy men come in and do ceremonies for the residents. If you want to know more, please call the El Dorado office at: 376 766 4525.

Entrance to El Dorado
Individual units in El Dorado
Sweat Lodge
Centeya Canales, events coordinator
View from one of the units
21 seat movie theater
Kitchen in one of the units
Living room in one of the units
Bathroom at one of the units


  1. Wow! What a place is right! I know you enjoyed yourself. Patricia, I know you're busy, but let's start making plans for our next get-together, whatever it may be. Any ideas? Carolina

  2. Hi Carolina, How about if we go to the San Juan Cosala Spa again sometime next week? Patricia

  3. We stayed at Birds when we were there in 2009, they were just starting up work again on the place. I knew it was going to be spectacular, thanks for the tour. Makes me want to come back. There was a lady I was in contact with and she was giving us a good deal to rent. But alas, my husbands company will not allow him to travel to Mexico anymore. He works for the Department of Defense.

  4. Hi Barbara, Thank you for writing again. It is very beautiful up at El Dorado. I am sorry that the Department of Defense has put all of Mexico on the list as a dangerous place. I feel very safe here in this area. Patricia

  5. I took similar photos from El Dorado back in October. A friend from El Parque took me there to meet other friends. We had a great day at the pool. Magnificent when there in person, hunh? Afterward, I walked alone down a little wild arroyo to El Parque - took about 4 mintues! Glad you got to experience that pool! gwinpdx

  6. Hi Gwinpdx, Thank you for writing. Yes, it is beautiful up there. Nice to have money..... Patricia

  7. Nice to have friends! I was also invited by a friend who lives there and yes it is spectacular. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  8. Yes, nice to have friends. It would be even nicer if I could afford it myself. Thanks for writing. Patricia